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Enterprise Password
Management Solutions

Business ransomware attacks surged 148% amid COVID-19.

Businesses need a solution that ensures security while easing employee access, wherever they’re working from. LastPass Business makes securing your remote workforce simple.

Whether you’re a small-to-medium enterprise (SME) or a large enterprise business, LastPass Business is your safe and secure password manager solution.

  • Give every employee their own personal, encrypted password vault to store all their accounts, passwords, notes and more

  • Save & autofill every password inputted to reduce employee password fatigue

  • Create unique and secure passwords with the integrated LastPass Password Generator

  • Autofill every login and access your LastPass vault with a single master password

  • Allow employees to conveniently share passwords without compromising security




Flexible provisioning simplified.

LastPass Business' directory integration automates provisioning services to improve the employee experience while lessening the burden on IT.

With LastPass Business, your IT team can easily:

  • Integrate your user directory with Microsoft Active Directory, Azure, Okta or OneLogin

  • Manage your active directory (AD) integrations with the LastPass Active Directory Connector (AD Connector)

  • Provision and deprovision users, manage groups, view licenses and more with the LastPass Provisioning API -- no integration required

Control access at every entry point

LastPass Business hands you the tools to effectively control user and Admin access as you see fit. Whether your users are on a Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android, you can guarantee they have access to only the apps they need.

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