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Need to capture a wide horizontal area in your video surveillance system? You could install a PTZ, but then you could only record half of the area at a time. You could install two cameras facing opposite directions, but then you need more money, more labor, more storage space, more NVR channels. Well now there is a third option.

Meet Uniview's wide angle bullet with two 4mm 4MP lenses with ColorHunter illumination and deep learning AI! This camera splices images together from two separate lenses to create an ultra-wide 160° horizontal field of view. The splicing is seamless, so you won't even notice a gap. The splicing is also configurable, so you can add or remove 10° if you need to dial it in even more.


UNV 4MP Wide Angle Weatherproof 24/7 ColorHunter Bullet IP Security Camera with

$395.69 Regular Price
$356.12Sale Price
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