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The HC121@TS8CR-Z is a license plate recognition camera, or an LPR. With its FullHD resolution and silky smooth 60fps video, this camera is designed from the ground up to take crystal-clear images of license plates. It can even record license plates at night with its 165 foot IR distance. With its intelligent letter and number recognition algorithm, this LPR automatically pulls all license plates into a database for quick and simple filtering, searching, reviewing, and exporting. In addition to license plates, the camera can also recognize and categorize vehicles into 10 body colors. Plus, with blacklist and whitelist functionality, you'll also know if someone's there who shouldn't be. When connected to a barrier, this camera also supports vehicle access control.

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UNV FullHD 1080p @ 60fps ANPR License Plate Recognition LPR Weatherproof NDAA-Co

$1,115.50 Regular Price
$892.40Sale Price
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